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"With plenty to do in the town of Barrydale it does not leave you much time to enjoy the hospitality of two great men, Uwe and Carel, the owners of Sorgvry. Make sure you spend a few nights in this great place to truly appreciate all it has to offer.
Sorgvry offers free wifi, buffet breakfast and luxury dining.

The area of Barrydale can be quite hot in summer and very cold in winter, which makes it the perfect place to stay all year round. With our visit, we experienced both hot and cold, and Sorgvry caters for both. Our room, the Asian Room has two fin heaters and an under blanket heater. Cold is not an option!

In the morning, it was just the perfect time to sit outside on the patio with a hot cup of coffee (supplied in the room) and enjoy the crisp air while the sun comes up. All the passer-by greet and are very friendly.
Sorgvry has a beautiful garden with green grass to enjoy a picnic or just to relax with a glass of local wine, local Brandy and or a book. The silence of the morning is only broken by the birds and the occasional vehicle.
The building of Sorgvry will be turning 100 years old next year, hence it shares the feeling of when a time was simple and caring.

One feature I truly loved about Sorgvry was walking on the wooden floors in the hallways. The study is a great place to take a moment and enjoy new friends and family.

The dining room has a large dining table ready to seat over 10 people with smaller tables also available. The Sorgvry staff are very friendly and always ready to help.

The room is ultra-comfortable and the bed super inviting. Loved the whole look and feel of the room and bathroom. Really a pleasurable stay. Would we recommend Sorgvry to other travellers? Most definitely yes."  Find A Tour

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