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Places of Interest

if uwe has the time and you have the inclination, you can arrange for him to take you on a free guided tour to local places of interest.  uwe's very evident enjoyment in his role as "barrydale ambassador" means these tours are a pleasure for all participants


 beautiful products are created by skilled locals at Barrydale Hand Weavers


the weavers work with natural, unbleached cotton on traditional looms. 


from blankets and throws, to towels, rugs and table linen, this range of high quality, durable items is achieved with the care that takes time.


The business has grown from strength to strength over the years, supplying individual customers as well as national and international wholesale clients.

visitors are welcome to visit the factory and see how this process works.

located at the cellars atthe western entrance to the village.

phone - 028 572 1488

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The Magpie Art Collective is an avant-garde alliance which creates wildly imaginative, yet functional items.
One of the founder members, Shane Petzer, said: “We are known for our use of recycled materials and we do use a lot of recycled materials, but we also take memories and transform them into heritage pieces – buttons, jewellery etc….. and maybe by incorporating it into a beautiful chandelier, it tells a story and brings people together.”
“At Sorgvry house of guests we worked very closely with the owners to really get a sense of what they are trying to convey aesthetically and they were willing to be open which was very exciting … the flying teacups in the dining room. All the teacups come from the owners collection, some of which were inherited – a personalised installation".

phone - 079 318 4289

arts, crafts and clothing handmade with love by south african artisans. secondhand treasures. plants. art supplies. jewellery and more.

situated in van riebeeck street, next door to ok foods, timeless hearts negosie has a wonderful abundance of interesting items. 

well worth a visit.

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die ou kerk, built in 1877, at moreson farm, hosts a curated compilation ranging from classic, large -scale furnishings, to tiny items of adornment. this antique shop additionally has an area where "salvage' furniture can be viewed and purchased.          082 931 0691

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Hardies Memories of Africa Route 62
Hardies Memories of Africa Route 62 South Africa

Hardies Memories of Africa, a multi-roomed shop, situated on the R62 has an enormous selection of African art. 

Utilising a huge array of mediums, African artists are represented through sculpture, jewellery, paintings, cloths, curios, blankets and much more. Pieces can be sent to any destination and the owners speak a number of languages between them, so most tourists will not have any difficulty being understood.

Whether you are a serious collector of African art, or looking for smaller gifts and souvenirs to take home this shop has choices aplenty, without the higher prices of big cities

(where business owners have to pay higher rentals and property prices).

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Warmwaterberg Spa is a mineral hot spring situated between Barrydale and Ladismith on Route 62, half an hour's journey from barrydale.

The unusually hot water (44°C at the source) is very high in iron content, making it extremely healthy and sweet-tasting. experience a truly soothing and calming effect after bathing in the water, which flows freshly from the artesian spring. In addition to the two hot pools, there is a cold pool and a number of "roman baths".

The Spa is set on a 600Ha property and offers a licenced restaurant and bar.

Please phone to see if they are open for day visitors - 028 572 1609

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The iconic ‘Ronnie’s Sex Shop’ is a scenic half hour’s drive from Barrydale – with some great examples of mesas and buttes en route;- for the geologically minded.


An internationally diverse multitude of amateur graffiti artists have covered most flat surfaces. Add your own contribution!
Breakfast and light meals are served, along with an array of milkshakes;- including Peanut Butter and Jack.

A fully stocked bar caters for hot, thirsty travellers.

Ronnies Sex Shop is situated on the R62, opposite the turn-off to the Warmwaterberg Spa, between Barrydale and Ladismith.

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