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Barrydale Hand Weavers
Barrydale Hand Weavers
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“Visitors to Barrydale Hand Weavers are encouraged to watch weavers in action, or maybe even have a go themselves,” says owner, Carol Morris.


Skilled handweavers use traditional looms to produce unique items, by weaving natural, unbleached cotton.


Upcycled cotton waste from large textile manufacturers is utilised to make a range of high quality, durable items. Weavers are encouraged to create their own designs, thus ensuring individually distinctive pieces.


This home décor range includes luxurious feeling rugs which are reversible, and machine washable in a variety of sizes. Rugs can be purchased in either the natural cotton colour, or in a blend of cotton and linen, which results in a gentle, light grey colour. Various, once-off patterns are also available.


Other items include throws, towels, serviettes, table cloths, runners, tea-towels, place mats and more.


The initiative began when Tivane Mavuma - a trained weaver - arrived in Barrydale with his loom and joined up with Morris, who has a wealth of experience working with fabrics in the craft industry. Local people benefit from, and have added to, the business.

Warmwaterberg Spa Barrydale
Warmwaterberg Spa Barrydale
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Warmwaterberg Spa is a mineral hot spring situated between Barrydale and Ladismith on Route 62 from Montagu to Oudtshoorn. The Spa is set on a 600Ha property and offers  a full-service licenced restaurant and bar.

The main attraction is our unique hot water (44°C at the source). It is very high in iron content, making it extremely healthy and sweet-tasting. Many visitors claim to experience a soothing and calming effect after bathing in the water, which is completely untreated and fresh from the artesian spring. In addition to the two hot pools, there is a cold pool and a number of roman baths (imagine “bath” for up to six people!) on the property.

Please phone to see if they are open for day visitors.
Tel :: (028) 572 1609 | (07:30 – 19:30)
Tel :: (028) 572 1746

Ronnies Sex Shop Barrydale
Ronnies Sex Shop Barrydale
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The iconic ‘Ronnie’s Sex Shop’ is a scenic half hour’s drive from Barrydale – with some great examples of mesas and buttes en route, for the geologically minded.
Breakfast and light meals are served, along with an array of milkshakes;- including Peanut Butter and Jack. A fully stocked bar caters for hot, thirsty travellers, as does the swimming pool next to the outdoor deck.
An internationally diverse multitude of amateur graffiti artists have covered most flat surfaces. Add your own contribution!
Ronnies Sex Shop is situated on the R62, opposite the turn-off to the Warmwaterberg Spa, between Barrydale and Ladismith.

Hardies Memories of Africa Route 62 South Africa
Hardies Memories of Africa Route 62

With a 2016 Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor, Hardies Memories of Africa, a multi-roomed shop, situated on the R62 has an enormous selection of African art. 

Utilising a huge array of mediums, African artists are represented through sculpture, jewellery, paintings, cloths, curios, blankets and much more. Pieces can be sent to any destination and the owners speak a number of languages between them, so most tourists will not have any difficulty being understood.

Whether you are a serious collector of African art, or looking for smaller gifts and souvenirs to take home this shop has choices aplenty, without the higher prices of big cities (where business owners have to pay higher rentals and property prices).

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Magpie Art Collective Barrydale
Magpie Art Collective
Africa Room Sorgvry House of Guests
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The Magpie Art Collective is an avant-garde alliance which creates wildly imaginative, yet functional items.
One of the members, Shane Petzer, said “We are known for our use of recycled materials and we do use a lot of recycled materials, but we also take memories and transform them into heritage pieces – buttons, jewellery etc….. and maybe by incorporating it into a beautiful chandelier, it tells a story and brings people together.”
The recycled materials all come from the village of Barrydale, residents put them into a recycling bin next to Jam Tarts on the R62.
Shane said, “We do work for corporates, organisations, game lodges and hotels, although most of our work is for private home owners looking for bespoke specialised lighting."
Most of the clients drawn to them are socially conscious and environmentally aware.
 “At Sorgvry we worked very closely with the owners to really get a sense of what they are trying to convey aesthetically and they were willing to be open which was very exciting … the flying teacups in the dining room. All the teacups come from the owners’ personal collection, some of which were inherited – a personalised installation.

Barrydale Cellars
Joseph Barry Brandy
The Cellar Resturant Barrydale
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The Barrydale Cellars, Winner of ‘The Best Brandy in the World’ trophy at the 2009 World Spirits Award in Austria – Joseph Barry Brandy, can be tasted and purchased right here in Barrydale where it is produced. 
Pot Still brandies are the trademark of Barrydale Cellars, with the – Joseph Barry VS, VSOP and XL (three, five and 10 year old) leading the pack. A number of international award certificates are visible on the walls of the current tasting room.
Quality white and red wine is also produced here – with the cultivar varying from year to year. Currently, brandy and wine tasting is available.

There is also  restaurant where patrons can witness both the brewing of craft beers, and the distilling of brandy on site. The restaurant, which includes a bar and indoor and outdoor seating on a deck overlooking a river and mountains, which is upmarket, yet informal. 
The Cellars restaurant, serving pizzas, burgers and salads, overlooking the Klein Karoo hills, is stunning venue to enjoy our local wines!
A Heritage Garden is also situated close to the entrance of the property on the R62, with a number of indigenous and endemic plants and a small picnic area.
Current opening hours are Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00.