When we think about Barrydale we think it would be a town of 'boring' yet when you get there it could be the exact opposite.

Most travellers while on the famous Route 62 road never truly get to see or experience the town of Barrydale, let alone find their way to the exquisite Sorgvry House of Guests.

The town of Barrydale is full of history, art, culture and family. The people are friendly and helpful. There are also many restaurants, pubs and gathering places. Not forgetting the arts and curio shops to wonder around in.
While the main roads are tarred, some of the smaller inner roads give you the feeling of being untouched by modern life. And, Yes, your internet and mobile devices still work very well as you are not in the bush.

Welcome to Sorgvry House of Guests, a Boutique Guest House 

in the Klein Karoo village of Barrydale.

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